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All About D3Audit

The reason we started D3Audit was because everywhere we went we saw businesses getting abused.
Either an SEO company that charged an arm and a leg for mediocre results, or developers that were slow and kept giving people the run around.

We love seeing people succeed in business. We hate seeing people get taken advantage of.
D3Audit is a great service that can help people take a close look at the digital marketing, design, and development work to help them understand the good and the bad.

We love the work we do and are passionate about success, whether for ourselves or for others.
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The D3Audit Team

Meet the brains behind the operation. Not pictured: the office dog Baxter.
Parker Boyack

Parker Boyack

Digital Marketing/SEO & UX

Parker has experience all throughout the digital marketing world. He has worked on small startups, and now works for a global corporaton. He is also NNg UX certified.

Jarid Love

Jarid Love


Jarid is a co-founder of the award winning agency Eli Kirk. He has built a 20-person development team and is an accomplished programmer and effective leader.

Jordon Mazziotti

Jordon Mazziotti


Having worked with clients like HP, Franklin Covey, Oscar Mayer, Autodesk, and more, Jordon is a skilled designer who has a knack for efficient and high quality design work.

Jocelyn Langford

Jocelyn Langford


Without Jocelyn we would be nothing. She helps keep everything on track and helps make sure projects are finished without a hitch. Supergirl, eat your heart out.