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Case Studies

Digital Marketing Audit for Rokblokz

Rokblokz is a family-run business that sells mud-flaps for cars, trucks, and side-by-sides. Most of their business is done online via their website, and naturally they felt like they had to be doing something for SEO. As part of our audit, we analyzed their SEO provider, and also looked at the work being done and the results produced from that work. When all was done, they fired their provider, saving them a large amount of money each month, and followed our recommendations with some amazing results.


Looking at the website traffic for a few months after they fired their agency and comparing it to the same time period before, they had more traffic, people staying longer, and looking at more pages on their domain. In short they had more traffic that was more engaged and interested in their products, while also saving a large amount of money not having to pay an SEO company.

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