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Design/UX Audit

Design is everything. You can have the most functional website in the world but if the design is lacking and people can’t figure out how to use it, it becomes useless. Our design audit focuses primarily on the designs of your web pages and how those are used by your customers.

We use a few tools in order to discover any issues. One is a state-of-the-art session recording software where we are able to actually replay sessions from visitors on your websites, and aggregate the data into heat maps to get information on how your website is being used. You will be surprised at how people use your site in ways you would have never thought. We also put together usability tests where we give people specific tasks and monitor the results. These are very eye-opening and will help uncover issues within the design.

Design/UX Audit Breakdown
  • UX review and report provided by a UX certified team member
  • Analysis of 50 customer journeys looking at all aspects of the website (home, product pages, etc.) and recommendations on any changes needed in the design/UX.
  • Analysis of heatmaps and analytics showing the effectiveness of pages on your website.
  • Planning and analysis of about 8 user tests, targeting any opportunities/weak areas of your website.
  • Review of designer's work (Deadlines, deliverables, quality, etc.)
  • Final PDF report with action items and recommendations

There are several other aspects involved in a design audit besides those listed above, every audit we do requires a custom approach as each business we work with is unique. The main focus of the audit will be to evaluate both the current state of your website and your designers, and come up with recommendations on what to do and/or change.


While we strive to be as transparent and simple as we can, we cannot provide a price list for our auditing services. Every audit we do it totally custom, some businesses may require a detailed audit for a 6-figure annual marketing budget, while others may just want us to look at the work their designer has done recently.

Please contact us to learn more about our audit services and get a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

D3Audit Design Audit

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