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Digital Marketing Audit

Digital marketing is a key piece of any marketing plan, and often businesses will outsource this work. D3Audit's digital marketing audit takes a hard look at the digital marketing efforts in order to determine if the services being rendered are worth the money being paid. We will give you a comprehensive view of all activities being performed to give you clear insight on what actions need to take place.
Digital Marketing Audit Breakdown

Our audits are made to give you a clear understanding of the work being done. Not only that but the effectiveness of the work and how that translates to leads and sales. Our #1 goal is to help increase your ROI. Most digital marketers and agencies struggle with this, we will make it crystal clear.

  • Analysis of Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
  • Website audit to check for optimization issues
  • Analysis of digital marketing task list & recent deliverables
  • Discussion with current provider to gauge involvent, interest, and skill
  • (this is not necessary, we can do the audit without involving the provider if requested)
  • Analysis of digital marketing spend & effect on sales/lead generation

There are many other aspects involved in a digital marketing audit besides those listed above, each audit requires a custom approach as each company we deal with is unique. We will work with you to evaluate past and present work, and put together a plan for the future.


While we aim to be as transparent and simple as possible, we cannot provide pricing for our auditing services. Each audit is completely custom, some companies may require a comprehensive audit for a 6-figure annual budget, while others may just want us to look at the work their small SEO agency does.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our services and get a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

D3Audit Digital Marketing Audit

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